Building an Omeka Site/ Practicum

Miriam Posner, Up and Running with

posner essentially provides an instructional guide/ tutorial for the creating of an Omeka web site. The visual aids are very helpful when using Omeka, and posner addresses any questions that may arise when using the Omeka as your platform. The second Posner article along with Megan R. Brett, is basically a continuation of the Up and Running article, but this one focuses on the creation of a digital exhibit. The Dublin core article is another instructional guide to help gain familiarization with the use of the Dublin core format for adding items and collections to your project.

Metro Case  Study

Omeka can support various Item types, and file formats, which makes it quite flexible, in its uses. This article can also be used as an instructional manual on how to use virtually every component on the platform. I will have this handy while finalizing my project for sure. There are also visual aids in this article that allow for easy correlation of physical documents to the digital platform.

Overall this group of readings are very simple and straight forward. However they are definitely critical for me being that I chose Omeka as the platform for my project.



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