Children Of the Lodz Ghetto write up, U.S.H.M.M. Washington D.C.

This site is perfect for me! A one stop shop to read all about man’s propensity to kill fellow man, or woman. I like the atrocities timeline that follows genocide around the world and through the ages. The preventing genocide blog is a good read as well, I will have to add that to my recreational reading list, along with a book by Nick Turse, which I recently discovered called Kill Everything That Moves, that is about the execution of Vietnamese civilians by U.S. Marines in the Vietnam War, and also the terror bombings that U.S. Naval and Air Force planes carried out Vietnamese civilian populations. Estimates on civilian casualties during the Vietnam war range from 1.5 million to 3 million. That’s a genocide too. It looks like there are a few countries on genocide watch these days according to this site. I had to view the Concentration camp photos, and even after being away from the subject of the Holocaust for a couple of years, those Images never fail to piss me off to the max! I hate bigotry, but I especially hate bigotry based on religion. This is a site I can visit regularly, it is fluid current and covers all the topics that interest me, in the no nonsense Jewish educational approach. Straight forward no sugar coated euphemisms, just the Harsh reality of human nature’s dark side. The U.S.H.M.M. is definitely on my list of must go there places.

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