Digital History Projects We Loved

All of these projects were quite impressive making it hard for me to find something wrong with any of them, although the subject matter of some of the projects may not have been particularly of special interest to me, I thought they all were very well done. Some of my favorites were, Small Town Noir, Mapping Inequality, The Georgetown Slavery Archives, Old Maps Online, and Roarin Peoria. Some of the key elements that I saw among all these sites were, about tabs, sourcing, comments sections, and credits. I particularly like the map based projects, because to me, they seem the most interactive. I like the click and drag scrolling and zooming action of the maps on all three of the map based projects mentioned above. The Georgetown Slavery Archive in my opinion was the most well organized project. I liked how all the tabs were located at the top of the page, which features an interactive map, along with historical background of the entire project, galleries, collections, lineage, the works! I really liked Small Town Noir because it was simple but very interesting. The mugshots with the stories behind them were pretty cool. Some people still go online to browse mugshots in certain circles of society. And I could not leave out Roarin Peoria. I am just a fan of everything that involves Richard Pryor. But the historical context of prohibition, and the history of the town itself, combine history and Richard Pryor making it note worthy for me, and apparently Slate, since the project made the top five list for 2014. Mapping Inequality was extremely well researched, when viewing the sources and what a collaborative effort it was.

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