Evaluation of Digital History

The main thing I noticed about all of the articles from this block, is that they seem to target an audience consisting of public history majors and public history graduate students who are looking for a job in the field of public history, Doctoral professors of public seeking tenure. I am in neither of these categories. I am an undergrad history major just trying to earn a bachelors degree, who will not, at least in the near future, be doing any type of work that involves history. However, there was some useful insight on how work in the field of digital public history is judged. Craig MacDonald’s rubric assessment does a good job of highlighting some of the important aspects the user experience, in regards to digital works of public history. Things such as Visual content, visual aesthetics, usefulness, and uniqueness are what distinguishes an online collection or exhibit. These articles also, provide some good links to sources that can be extremely helpful when thinking about or undertaking the designing a web project. I also took notice that Todd Presner, the author of, How to Evaluate Digital Scholarship, was the director of  the UCLA Center for Jewish Studies. I took two classes about the Holocaust, and I have been fascinated with Jewish history ever since. I may have to check out some of his digital work in the humanities one day. Another thing that I took from the AHA guidelines, that was echoed in Presner’s article as well was, stay informed of new developments in digital public history, and let your project continue to evolve as well. And, don’t be afraid to take risks. Geoffrey Rockwell’s checklist is another good resource for evaluation of digital projects.

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