HIST 451, physical site write up The National World War II museum, New Orleans, LA

If you haven’t been to The National World War II Museum in New Orleans, LA, you should go!This was an amazing experience to say the very least! I am admittedly a bit of a WWII buff. I’ve taken quite a few classes that cover World War Two in detail and I am fascinated by every aspect of the war. The exhibits are organized by campaign, with the big three being, The Road to Tokyo, The Road to Berlin, and The D-Day Invasion, each one basically having its own building. This museum is Huge! The interior design is like nothing I have ever seen in a museum. I admit that I haven’t been to many museums, however this one I had to visit, and it was worth every penny. I watched the, Beyond All Boundaries 4D experience as well, also amazing. This museum sets the standard for me. Every museum I go to from now on, I will have to compare to this one. I loved every exhibit in the place, but if I had to choose one to highlight, it would be the , African American Experience In WWII. This display moved me because I am also a student of African American history. The context of black men fighting in such a war even while being discriminated against at home is powerful to say the least. The most moving part of that particular exhibit is the black recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor. All of these men died valiantly while performing their duty, or going beyond it. If i had one critique, I would say they should cut back on some of the small screens showing WWII documentaries in most of the exhibits. There is entirely too many physical pieces to waste time watching a black and white you can look up anytime. Overall excellent, a masterpiece of a museum to me. And, there is also an interactive online dog tag experience included with admission.


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