Physical vs. Digital Exhibits and Archives

Getting to the Stuff, Sheila Brennan

Brennan points out the fact that there seems to be a schism of sorts between the realms of Physical museums, and digital Public historians. She urges physical sites to make some of their collections more accessible digitally. She believes this is beneficial to both the Museums, and those who wish to use archival materials or collections for the purpose of creating digital scholarship. She also encourages collaboration between the two fields, which would ultimately bring the content possessed by Physical museums to the forefront of the historical and scholarly consciousness.

Chan & Cope, Collecting the Present

The one thing I picked up from this article was the potential of digitization as a means of preservation. However, in the following Cohen and Rosenzweig article we see there are some drawbacks as well.


This gave me some perspective on the various definitions or interpretations of the word “archive”.

Cohen & Rosenzweig, Preserving Digital History

This article was fun and informative. I was surprised by all the obstacles one can encounter when trying to preserve digitized content. The story about the only guy who knew the passwords to the database turning up dead, and no one else knew the password. This led to the first hacker reference so far! I just feel like this much info about all things digital should have at least one hacker reference. I like the reference to the National Archives and Records Administration, I used that as a source for my 490 paper to find the death tolls for the U.S. in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The section about technology going the way of the dodo (extinct) is a point of consideration. It is important to use various forms of back up, and to keep current with software compatibility . And I also took note of the suggestion of finding an institution with a repository to store your digital project. I may ask the institution that my aunt spent roughly $30,000 out of her pocket for me to get a degree from #ULL. all this info has prepared me to properly store my project for future use.

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