Playing With The Past

Mir & Owen: Unpacking Ideology, in Sid Meier’s Colonization

Wow! What was this person thinking when they made this game? could they have been more racist and xenophobic? The natives identified as “other”  is at least historically contextualized for the purpose of this game. I find it slightly surprising that a web designer would chose such touchy subject for certain groups of people as the backdrop for a video game. I will admit that some parts of the game seem intriguing to me as far as the strategic aspect of interaction with the natives and the motherland. However I just can’t get over. The Stages of conversion caught my attention. I peer reviewed a classmate’s 490 paper that was about The French Jesuits that tried to convert native Americans into Christians. It didn’t work. That would be the main difference that I saw between the game and the actual history of colonization in America, which the game is based on. On the game natives could be converted, while in real life history the natives were more likely to try to kill the Europeans, rather than assimilate to their culture.

Pox in the City,

Yet another strange choice for historical context of a video game, amidst a small pox epidemic. I can say that I do agree with the third person over first person theory, and how it immerses the player more into the digital environment. Before fatherhood I played Xbox (360: old technology) but I was a Gears of War man no call of duty for me.

Both of these games just kind of went over my head with the purpose. I can see the historical context, but not much else that i can say anything good about.

Practicum: American Mission

I’ve seen enough. Once again, I see the historical context of slavery in America. But, when that context is applied to a game, it just comes off as racist.

Argument Wars:

This game seems more tolerable. It is still set in a period before civil rights, hints Brown Vs. The Board of Education, 1954 which led to the eventual overturning of segregation. At least the court room setting seems more civil than trying to free enslaved relatives. That’s just not a good game theme.

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