Practicum: Exploring and evaluating digital Archives

September 11 Digital Archive

This archive was outstanding. It displays all the characteristics that make up an effective digital archive. It has collections of photos, first hand accounts, art, other related projects, and an about page and the option for public contributions (interactive). I also noticed that the staff was made up of a bunch of people whose articles I read for the class. This archive simply has it all. It is a great resource for scholarship on the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Bracero History Archive

The Bracero History Archive is also outstanding. Like the 9/11 archive it has everything that is required of an award winning project (2010 Public History Project award) This archive is also bilingual. I thought that was great since I speak Spanish according to my college transcript. The  numerous sources reflect the amount of content, 3209 items, with 47 items from outside contributors (visitor interaction). another feature that stood out to me was the learning tab with activities geared toward primary and secondary education students. I also appreciate the cultural aspect of it. As a sociology minor I have a strong interest in minority groups.

The Shelly Godwin Archive

The first thing that popped out at me when I viewed this site was the tab that read, Using the archive. In previous readings there were mentions of the proper use of archives. However, this was the first one that I recall having a tab just for that purpose.

DPLA, Digital Public Library of America

The DPLA site, like the 9/11 and Bracero archives, has everything that the two aforementioned sites has plus an interactive map. In addition to that, it provides data through apps and has a live twitter feed to keep viewers current on new items and collections.

All of these projects are excellent.

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