Scheinffeldt, Responsive Web Design, and Zeldman: HIST 451

Jeffery Zeldman, Understanding Web Design

This was a short and sweet article that I did enjoy.  Zeldman first points out the importance of web design. His comments about those who don’t understand the web gave me a laugh because I certainly fall into that category. His argument is to educate people on web design, and I agree. He writes about  ideal web design being “engaging” and common critiques on web design, such as “boxy” appearances, which I feel is a bit hard to avoid when looking at a square screen, but I’ve seen things recently on the web that are like virtual reality, so I believe the web is an outstanding media for any form of expression rather it be educational, artistic, commercial or practical. Web design “is” design. He lost me on Bob Dylan and Madame Butterfly , but a good read none the less.

Responsive Web Design, The Smashing Editorial

This article is great! If ever I woke up and decided I wanted to create a website, this article would come in handy. It reminds me of one of those “how to do for dummies” books, just more tactful. Reading this for me was almost like reading another language. I appreciate the detailed explanation of many of the intricacies and the challenges of web design.

Omeka and Its Peers, Tom Scheinfeldt

This piece was of great interest to me considering that I am Using Omeka for my class project. And I feel that I have made the right choice, because it is a free platform, and according to [figure 1.]  it is the center of the technology ecosystem.

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